Monday, November 18, 2019

(Urgent) Small business management (Due to the midnight of May 24 at Essay

(Urgent) Small business management (Due to the midnight of May 24 at latest) - Essay Example Perhaps, someone who has been successful in his educational attainments has contributed a lot in enabling the small business to become competitive and profitable. The two articles I have chosen are both referring to the functions of Small Businesses. These articles have been chosen to give us a better understanding on the factors that may contribute to the success of a small company. The first article, an international based journal, highlights the effect of recruiting outside board members to handle a small family business. The UK-based journal discuss about the impact of ownership on the behaviour and performance of a small company. In line with the outstanding performance of a small company, it is important that we determine the impact of both internal and external factors that could directly and/or indirectly affect the efficiency of the business operations and profitability. Internal factors that may contribute to the success of an organization include the type of management, type of business ownership, the leadership style of the managers, the size of the business organization, organizational culture and traditions, emotional attachment of the owners to the business, organizational performance, and the barriers to the implementation of a strategy. Based on the This study aims to analyse the point-of-view of the authors by considering the key arguments in each article. The theory behind the small business functions used in the articles will be discussed thoroughly. As part of the conclusion, this paper will compare and contrast the main evaluation of the two selected articles. According to Ghobadian and O’Regan (2006), the transformation leadership style is more common in independent plants than the transactional leadership style. The authors has concluded that the transactional leadership style is usually adapted by the subsidiary plants

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