Wednesday, November 13, 2019

20th Century Liberalisms Philosophies are False :: essays research papers

During the 20th Century, liberalistic philosophers created countless numbers of false philosophies that many people practice today. Among those wrong ideologies are existentialism, secularism, pragmatism, and Freudianism. The first false ideology, existentialism, claims that there is no truth and believes that all man can do is take a ?leap of faith.? This ideology claims to ?resolve? all man?s problems and worries because ?nothing is true.? Because there is no truth, therefore, there would be no God and, therefore, there is no wrong in the world. This philosophy by Soren Kierkegaard, surely, brings disastrous results by believing there is no sin. The second false idea very popular in this world today is secularism, which believes that morality should be based upon the well being of mankind. At first, this ideology might seem reasonable. However, for example, if a robber steals money from a bank but contributes to the well being of mankind by giving the money to the poor, stealing would be considered moral because it benefited people right? Of course not! Just like existentialism, secularism gives people the right to do wrong by involving others. The third deceptive philosophy, by William James, is pragmatism. A pragmatist believes that only the results of an idea or action judge whether the action is moral or not. One can decipher that this ideology is wrong by thinking of an example. For example, if a student can only have a vacation if he receives A?s, according to this philosophy, he can cheat on tests and quizzes in order to receive an A to take a vacation. The last false ideology is Freudianism, better known as psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis claims that subconscious physical drives or irrational fears determine a man?s actions. It also believes that if someone?

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