Thursday, February 13, 2020

Criminology and criminal justice in The United Arab Emirates Essay

Criminology and criminal justice in The United Arab Emirates - Essay Example UAE has been established in December 2, 1971 with Abu Dhabi as the capital owing to its industrial and cultural activities. Their official language is Arabic and their official religion is slam. Economic wise, UAE is considered to have a strong high income with a GDP of $ 47,407. UAE based their political system on the 1971 constitution however each ruler of each federation retain an absolute power in their own emirate. Interestingly, the seven emirs vote for a president of the seven federations to be their leader however this does not affect the governance of each emir. UAE also has a semiautonomous body referred to as the National Guards with duties to guard the border, utilities in the oil field and other strategic locations. They also act as reserve in cases the metropolitan police force is in need of reinforcement from them. Abu Dhabi and Dubai police are the leading police forces in the UAE with their quality services. Abu Dhabi police department is honored to have maintained the shining image of the country with the dedication, honesty, and integrity of the policemen. Dubai policemen also pride themselves of preventing crimes before it occurs, bringing justice, maintaining security and order, and honoring and protecting lives with their mission in making Dubai the best in such services around the world. UAE has several police divisions to include traffic, criminal investigation, emergency police, nationality and passport, civil defense, immigration, prison, trials and court-martials with their own functions and responsibilities.

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